Our team is uniquely qualified to not only tailor quantitative and qualitative market research to meet your specific needs, but also to design the most impactful ways to implement the findings. 

With innovative research techniques and analysis, we deliver the insights needed to build your effective strategy, devise your persuasive messaging campaign, and identify the audiences where you’ll have the most impact.

More important than our methods, however, is our commitment to accuracy. At The Bullfinch Group, our industry-leading statisticians and researchers are trained to be just that: statisticians and researchers. No bias. No agenda. No leanings.


And when combined with our political and corporate experience, our clean research supports winning efforts across many sectors.



Melding together research, data analytics, messaging and audience identification into one impactful strategy can be a daunting, and sometimes disjointed, task. But it doesn’t need to be, as The Bullfinch Group is well-positioned to develop a comprehensive plan for you.  

Because we can manage the process from research and data to messaging and delivery, we ensure that each component is not only optimized on its own, but that all elements are working cohesively. 

So whether you're in the beginning phases of developing your strategy or you've been at it for years, working with The Bullfinch Group will provide you a pathway for success.  



To shape perceptions or make an effective call-to-action, your messaging must consider many nuances and, in many cases, walk some very fine lines. At Bullfinch, we understand this. 

While many messaging shops focus on how loud or visible your message can be, we focus on how effective your message can be.


Using a proprietary 'velocity' messaging approach, our methods consider not only the content (the what), but also the who, where, why, when, and how to deliver a message that influences the audience you need to persuade.



From passing local public policy initiatives, to winning at the highest levels of campaign politics, to working on international corporate campaigns, our experience in research, data, advocacy, and politics provides a clear and comprehensive vision of the world today.

So whether we are partnering with organizations who need an in-house expert without the full-time commitment, or assisting diplomats and ambassadors in navigating Washington and our institutions, we advise our clients on how to steer their organizations toward achieving their goals. 

Having spoken to many Boards of Directors, their teams, and at conferences and events around the world, we also provide an impartial and balanced assessment of the political landscape that helps organizations prepare for the future. 



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