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With nearly two decade's experience working on political, corporate, and issue campaigns, I’ve worked with folks from all kinds of professional backgrounds, each with their own level of knowledge about polling and research. Some are really in-tune and look at RealClearPolitics every day; some don’t know what I mean when I say RealClear; but most are somewhere in the middle. They have an interest and want to learn more, but don’t really know where to start.

So from time to time, I’ll be sharing some of my insights into the latest polls, or tips on how to better understand them. Some might say “uhhhh I already knew that, you dorkis” and others might think “hey thanks, Brett. Now I’m gunna look super smart at happy hour tonight when I tell my friends (insert insight).”

Either way, thanks for stopping by, and if you ever have a question about something you’re seeing out there, shoot me a note, I’m happy to chat and nerd-out on some numbers as much as you want.

~ Brett Loyd


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